With the new CAR2SHARE cargo app, you do not only have the option of making bookings and editing them conveniently via your smartphone, you also have the option of viewing and managing damage to the vehicles directly. The damage management feature helps you to increase the transparency of your fleet and ensure the optimum utilization of CAR2SHARE cargo.

Important: The update for iOS devices is available now. So that all features can be completely implemented, please ensure that your drivers also update the app.

How do I report damage?

Reporting damage to the CAR2SHARE cargo vehicles is quick and easy after activating it in your account via the new app. If a vehicle is booked, you will be asked prior to starting the trip and after completing the trip whether there is any new vehicle damage visible. There are six different categories available for assigning damage. There, the damage can then be described in detail. In both the overview of the app as well as in the Fleet Assist, existing damage is listed and can be viewed.

Activating the Damage Management

If you are interested in using the Damage Management, simply contact your CAR2SHARE cargo team and the feature will be activated in your account.


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