Innovative business models come with new operational challenges. Together with a ride-sharing provider, VAN2SHARE has been involved from the beginning, developing innovative products and valuable features to implement new fleet management solutions.

VAN2SHARE enables a simplified and automated booking tool so that large numbers of drivers and vehicles are no longer a challenge. Our shift planning system allows several bookings to be processed in advance via the VAN2SHARE platform and communicated to the drivers without manual effort.

Thanks to keyless access to the vehicle, the physical return of keys is no longer necessary - a considerable time saving. With the help of digital damage management, the fleet manager still has an overview of the current condition of all vehicles.

All vehicles are linked to the VAN2SHARE system and provide them with the latest data - for an immediate overview and detailed analysis.

We have further developed the VAN2SHARE API to ensure the optimum use of your electric vehicles and offer you the possibility to check the current charge status at any time. Find the perfect balance between charging time and driving time now!

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