Effortless Integration into Existing Structures

Are you already using a fleet management system or another self-developed software but would still like to benefit from VAN2SHARE? No problem!

  • VAN2SHARE is an API-based solution that can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems
  • For evaluation and analysis of existing data or for a brand-new app
  • VAN2SHARE allows you to combine your proven features with the flexibility of intelligent transport and logistics solutions
  • We’d be happy to work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs

Exploit the Full Bandwidth

VAN2SHARE offers you the opportunity to integrate exactly what you need into your system, from individual data packets to entire features, such as:

  • Digital damage management
  • GPS location/tracking
  • Keyless vehicle access

Add. Don’t Replace

You know what’s best for your company, which is why API allows you to bring the best of both worlds together: yours and ours.

  • No new hardware or software necessary
  • Fast adaptation
  • Flexible and robust integration
  • Use of features in your own look and feel