Achieving More Together

Regardless of what we do, we always have your best interest in mind, which is why we want to develop new solutions with you that are tailored to your specific requirements. Several valuable features have already come about as a result of this approach – here are a few examples:

  • Advanced Shift Planner
  • Counterless Rental
  • Expanded damage management

The Customized Solution

Developed for a ride sharing company, the Advanced Shift Planner brings shift planning to a whole new level.

  • Manual dispatching of individual trips has been replaced with a multifunctional requirement management system for planning shifts.
  • Publish open tours to your driver
  • The system books drivers and vehicles based on the specific order and requirements.
  • Transparent overview of the current status

The Benefits of a Customized Solution

With just a click: efficient dispatching or development of new business models. Our customized solutions have revealed the potential benefits of adapting the VAN2SHARE concept in line with your own needs.


After implementing VAN2SHARE, what are some of the benefits you have experienced?

VAN2SHARE did exactly what we expected it to do. It has been really helpful to us that multiple drivers have access to the vehicle(s) without passing on keys and vehicles to the next driver. What brought us even more relief is the vehicle tracking via GPS location services. (People Mover Startup)

If you were to recommend VAN2SHARE to someone else, why might you do so?

It’s very easy! It’s effortless for you to create the ideal setup for your fleet situation, and the ideal check-in and check-out for staggering when your shift starts without having to worry about a physical person being there. (People Mover Startup)

What do you expect from a joint development with VAN2SHARE?

The collaboration is very helpful and trendsetting for us and our customers. This will ensure that the system and our range of services are constantly improved in the future. (Business Development Manager, Rental Company)