Increased Fleet Utilization

Available vehicles are shared by several people with a high degree of flexibility, at all times and everywhere. You get to choose who has access to your vehicle.

  • Share the vans within your company – with drivers and employees
  • Provide your customers with vehicle access (no rental staff required)
  • Ensure access for service providers

Keyless Van Sharing

All vans are reliably and securely unlocked using a smartphone, even without Internet access.

  • Thanks to the digital key, there’s no longer a need for key handover
  • Lost keys and pickup outside of business hours are no longer a challenge
  • You plan and organize everything in advance – the system takes care of the rest
  • Every trip and every interaction with the vehicle are clearly documented

Take Full Advantage of the System

Van sharing pays for itself in several ways.

  • Vehicle utilization is increased
  • Procedures and processes are made more efficient
  • You save money, as time is used more effectively
  • You and your team benefit from increased flexibility